A fresh approach and strategic recipes enable us to address your marketing issues by applying the EGM proprietary process: SPiCE

Strategy – Road-mapping for your success.
Perspective – Drawing on our industry expertise, as well as yours.
intelligence – Basing your strategies on comprehensive research and analysis.
Creativity – Providing fresh, strategic ideas and designs. Cool designs and hot results.
Edge – Helping you create an edge over competitors and seize opportunities quickly.

It’s an inside job
Eggen Group Marketing is more like your own in-house marketing department than an outside agency.  Since we offer nearly all marketing disciplines, we aren’t predisposed to recommend one discipline over another and we recommend whatever makes the most sense.

When you call or email EGM we’ll start by getting together to learn about your business. We’ll ask about your business model, products and services, short- and long-term goals. After meeting with you, we’ll develop a proposal that defines the work, describes our approach, and includes deliverables and due dates.

If any specialists are required, we will bring on a team member who best fits your needs and manage them for you. In fact, we can manage every facet of the project, whether it’s advertising, public relations, video, web design, internal communications or more—so you have one contact and one invoice.

Depending on your needs, we’ll propose hourly rates, project fees, or a retainer.

E-mail or call today at 218.770.9132.